Recent Shibori Workshops

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank all the creative individuals who attending recent workshops we’ve held in and around Belfast. I have met some very interesting people and have had great fun teaching them about Japanese textiles and hearing about their experience or interest in Japan.



The selection is from a Saturday workshop held in our studio. It was such a beautiful sunny day (a rare occasion in Ireland) so we decide to take the indigo vat outside and work in the sun. It was such a fun day working with the group as they were quite experimental. Mike has used the shibori tenugi he made as a cover for his decks and music equipment. I love to hear what people use their final pieces for.






I also had a great Maven Session with Maven, a fabulous and unique interior design shop on the Lisburn road. This was a much larger workshop but being spread out over two evenings meant that everyone had plenty of time to get their creations the way the wanted. Everyone was quite inquisitive and wanted to hear lots of story about Japan as they worked. I was delighted to hear from Lisa recently letting me know that she gifted one of her pieces to a friend as a wall-hanging. There are so many different things that can be make with the fabrics created in the workshop.




It really is such a thrill to see so many people eager to learn about Japanese culture and aesthetic. I am looking forward to future workshops that I will be holding as part of August craft month, one in my own studio on August 1st and four in Flowerfirlds Art Centre on the last two weekends.